Biden Calls Out Republicans for ‘Bragging’ About His Covid Stimlus They Opposed

Declaring “America is coming back,” President Joe Biden touted his administration’s work in getting the pandemic under control and the economy back on track during remarks in Cleveland Thursday, and sought to promote his $6 trillion budget proposal that he plans to unveil Friday. “COVID deaths are down, unemployment filings are down, hunger is down, vaccinations are up, jobs are up, growth is up,” Biden said in an economic address at Cuyahoga Community College. “To put it simply, America is coming back, America is on the move,” he said. But while Biden proclaimed America on the mend, he used the speech to call on Congress to make major investments in infrastructure and education to keep the country competitive across the globe. Biden said the United States is “in a race to see who win’s the 21st century.” And he rattled off a host of countries spending more on infrastructure, research and development. “We must be number one in the world to lead the world in the 21st century. It’s a simple proposition,” Biden said. “And the starting gun has already gone off. We cant afford to fall any further behind.” Biden’s massive $6 trillion budget plan is driven by his costly proposals for infrastructure and social spending, along with major new investments in domestic Cabinet agencies. The budget incorporates the administration’s eight-year, $1.7 trillion infrastructure plan that so far has little Republican support.