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“Beyoncé” Urging Action In “Breonna Taylor” Case!

Beyoncé sent an open letter on Sunday (June 14) to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron that calls on the prosecutor to charge the Louisville cops involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor.

“Three months have passed – and zero arrests have been made, and no officers have been fired,” she wrote in the letter posted to Twitter.

Three Louisville Ky. police officers broke into the 26-year-old EMT’s apartment on March 13 at about 1 a.m. in a botched narcotics investigation. The cops had a no-knock warrant to arrest a suspect. However, the suspect was already in custody when the raid took place, and the officers did not recover any drugs from the apartment.

On Thursday (June 11), the Louisville City Council voted unanimously to ban “no knock” warrants in a new ordinance called “Breonna’s Law.” The decision came after weeks of demonstrations in Louisville and other cities across the nation.

It was a positive move. However, hundreds of protesters took to the streets the next day to demand the termination and arrest of the officers.

“While Breonna’s Law passed in Louisville and federal legislation has been introduced that will also ban no-knock warrants these small steps in the right direction are painful reminders that there has still been no justice for Breonna Taylor or her family,” the letter continued.

She urged Cameron not to let Taylor’s killing “fall into the pattern of no action.”