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Bevy Smith says new memoir 'Bevelations' is actually a self-help book focused on inspiring others

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Bevy Smith wants to inspire others with her memoir Bevelations: Lessons From a Mutha, Auntie, Bestie.

In her new book, which follows her journey from fashion publishing exec to media personality, Smith opens up about why she decided to change her professional goals and focus on a life in front of the camera. Smith tells ABC Audio that her memoir isn’t just about her life and experiences, but about inspiring others to accomplish their goals.

“I wanted to use my life as a prime example of how it gets greater later,” she says. “It’s never too late to follow your dreams and to pursue your passions.”

“So, yes, it’s a self-help book that’s actual real practical tips in there as well as stories that illustrate how I changed my life,” Smith continues. “And then I break it down and talk about how perhaps you can change your life as well.”

Bevy says one of the first steps in finding her way was “to figure out that who [she] was and how [she] showed up was more than enough.”

“There’s always going to be people who [don’t consider you] their cup of tea and that’s OK, too,” she explains. “Because you have to find your tribe. And I do believe that if you’re doing what is authentically you… people will embrace that part of you.”

However, in her conscious decision to make these life changes, Bevy makes clear that it’s always been a strategy, not a hustle.

“People that hustle will do anything to make a dollar,” she says. “And that’s not my story. I only take on projects I love that I’m passionate about. So I’m very much a strategist, not a hustler.”

Bevelations: Lessons From a Mutha, Auntie, Bestie in now available for purchase.

By Candice Williams
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