Bear shocks Florida beachgoers by swimming out of ocean

Some beachgoers in Florida got more than some surf, sand and sun over the weekend … thanks to a friendly bear that made itself at home, walking right out of the water!!!

Check out the clip, shot Sunday in Destin, showing the black bear first swimming in the water before taking to land seemingly comfortable with all the other people around.

Obviously, most people were stunned, staring at the animal as it carried on like a pet dog enjoying a beach day — you can even hear one kid yell out, “It’s a bear!!!”

A witness told Fox13 he started recording as soon as he spotted the animal, saying, “It kept swimming in. He got to shore, shook off, and ran into the brush in the sand dunes … I think most people were shocked instead of being scared. No one expected to see a bear in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Buddy might be a little too late for his ‘Little Mermaid’ audition … but he certainly makes a case for Part 2!!!