“Bars” Reopen Across Florida, But Not In “Palm Beach, Broward, Or Miami-Dade County”!


Monday, most bars across the state of Florida were able to reopen at 50%.

In Martin County, restaurant-goers at the Twisted Tuna were able to sit at the bar and grab a drink for the first time in months.

“It was kind of a shock not being able to do what you wanted to do when you wanted to do it,” Chris Delgado told CBS12 News.

Delgado came to the Twisted Tuna to enjoy a beer. He says months of living under coronavirus related mandates in Martin County have been challenging.

“You had to sit at a distance and order some food and it doesn’t sit well with me. I’m an American, I was in the military, I like my choice,” Delgado said.

Sid Sethi, the owner of Twisted Tuna says that opening the bar will help recoup some of the lost sales.

“We rely on every single sale, every single drink. So when they took that away from us it was a big hit,” Sethi told CBS12 News.

But Sethi also has a restaurant in Broward County, where the rules are completely different, and Sethi says business is tougher.

Despite the fact that Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County have each moved into Phase 2 as of Monday, bars will have to stay shut in all of these areas.

“We feel the tension and struggle much more in Broward,” Sethi said. He says it will be a relief when he gets to reopen the bar in his Italian fine diner and lounge in Coral Springs, but for now, he expects the Twisted Tuna to continue to bounce back. And since customers from down south could travel north to catch a football game at a bar or even just grab a drink with friends, Sethi says he won’t be letting his guard down with the safety protocols this weekend. “I think once this catches on and people are like alright the bars are back open, it’s going to be a storm. So our challenge is going to be trying to maintain and not go overboard.”