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Avant wants to change the conversation with his new album 'Can We Fall In Love'


Avant shares his ninth studio album, Can We Fall in Love.

The R&B singer wants to bring us back to the days when ballads were the cornerstone of bringing people together. “Because I think people need it,” he tells ABC Audio, “I think we all need that right now. We need a sense of direction and I think, if you’re not going to get it from the top spot, which is the White House. We need a sense of direction, everybody.”

Avant said it was the perfect time to calm people’s nerves with last month’s groovy release, “Edible,” though he says “Nothing Without You,” is for his true fans. “This has a lot of feeling and meaning for the people,” Avant continues, “And I just felt like it was the perfect time.”

Since the late 1990s, he’s proven to be a dynamic songwriter and producer with romantic solos and duets such as “Read Your Mind,” “My First Love featuring Keke Wyatt,” and “Separated.”

But Avant says Can We Fall in Love is about “all the types of relationships,” starting with its opening track, “You Don’t Love Me No More.”

He tells ABC Audio, “It’s about coming to the table and having a conversation since that conversation is not being had anymore. The meaning of the album is basically about relationships and I think people I mean, I know people are still in them or people want to be in them. So I think it’s a good conversation piece.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1). 

Can We Fall in Love by Avant is available everywhere.

By Rachel George
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