Atlantic City Mayor: Tear Down ‘Eyesore’ Of Ex-Trump Casino

As if losing the election wasn’t enough, folks can stick it to Donald Trump again by pushing the button to blow up one of his old casinos.

Here’s the deal … the former Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City is scheduled for demolition next month — pretty close to when Trump leaves the White House — and for the right price, someone gets to bring down the joint.

The auction is doubling as a fundraiser benefiting the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City, and the mayor’s hoping the big prize hauls in over $1 million.

Yeah, politicians think people hate Trump that much — and there are roughly 80 million people who’d agree with that.

Trump’s former casino opened its doors way back in 1984, when AC was actually popping, but it shuttered in 2014 and the property has descended into such a bad state that demolition work is already underway.

The rest of the crumbling structure will be demolished Jan. 29 — 9 days after Trump’s Presidential run comes to an end. Boy, January’s gonna suck for him.

Atlantic City’s got a love-hate relationship with Trump … the mayor remembers some of the city’s iconic moments happening at the Trump Plaza casino, including tons of big boxing matches, but he also didn’t forget Trump mocking AC on his way out of town … so the auction makes sense.

Oh, and the auction ends Jan. 19 — not coincidentally, we’re sure — Trump’s last full day in office.