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Aspiring Black Doctor Jelani Day Remains Missing After Sudden Disappearance

The search for Illinois State University graduate student Jelani Day continues.

According to the Bloomington Police Department, Day was last seen on August 24 as he entered a retail store called Beyond / Hello in Bloomington, Illinois. Surveillance video recordings show that Day was wearing white shorts, a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt and black shoes. Police located his car, a Chrysler 300, two days later in a wooded area south of the Illinois Valley YMCA. According to People, Day’s Chrysler 300 was found at the scene along with the clothes he was seen wearing on August 24.

Three weeks have passed and it does not appear that Day’s family is any closer to getting the answers that they deserve. Still, Day’s mother, Carmen, doesn’t want the police or the public to give up hope looking for her son.

We don’t have a lot of information,” Carmen Day told Newsy.

“I don’t feel like I’m getting the help that I need. I’m imploring, pleading and asking that the police still pay attention and look for my son.”

Unfortunately, Day’s disappearance is part of a larger pattern within the United States. While Black people make up only 13% of the nation’s population, Black people make up nearly 40% of the country’s missing population. Making matters worse, the Black and Missing Foundation reports that the disappearances of Black adults are often associated with “criminal involvement, gangs and drugs” and dismissed.