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Asante Blackk says new podcast ‘Here Comes the Break’ helps to “tackle mental health” struggles for teens and young adults

Courtesy of Asante Blackk

Asante Blackk is turning the world of podcasting on its head with the experimental audio drama Here Comes the Break

Starring the Emmy-nominated Blackk along with Nickelodeon star Daniella Perkins, the podcast series, which is a Def Jam/iHeart and Double Elvis production, follows Asante as Ruben, an anxiety riddled young creator who’s struggling to find himself. Blackk, 19, tells ABC Audio that this project sheds light on an important conversation that needs to be addressed within the Gen Z community.

“This podcast… stands out [because of] the way that we tackle mental health,” he says. “I think [it] will be a very relatable piece… that people can can see themselves in. Because I don’t think that we really have that much for teens and young adults when it comes to mental health — that really is how we see it.”

While channeling his teenage character of Ruben came easily to Blackk, the This Is Us star admits it was a new challenge for him to become an interviewer and host within the series.

“We’re breaking new artists’ music and interviews every episode,” he shares. “So it’s something that you’ve really never seen before.”

New episodes of Here Comes the Break are released every Thursday on podcast platforms. Every episode will feature an exclusive interview with a Def Jam Recordings’ artist including Saint Bodhi, Nasty C, and Bobby Sessions.

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