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Arsenio Hall Quit at The Height of His Career To Raise Arsenio, Jr. reports Arsenio Hall has one unforgettable face. He could and did spend almost 14 years away from the spotlight, and yet, his popularity never waned. When he came back from his self-induced hiatus, the audience was where he left it.

Hall’s show brought several iconic moments, like President Bill Clinton playing the saxophone, or Magic Johnson’s first interview after revealing his AIDS diagnosis, or Michael Jackson’s surprise appearance to present Eddie Murphy with an award, and more.

The show went on for five years before its cancellation in 1994. For Hall, it was also the perfect opportunity to take a step back and search for balance in his life, as he explained years later to CBS:

“When you have that feeling of ‘There’s something else for me to do, and this is occupying your life 24/7,’ wrong or right, you need to go.”

Hall virtually disappeared from the entertainment scene for a few years, and in 1999, he became a father when he welcomed son Arsenio Hall Jr. with his then-girlfriend.

Sadly, Hall’s relationship with his son’s mom didn’t last long, but he didn’t let that step in the way of the relationship he wanted to have with the boy.