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Armani White talks having N.O.R.E.’s support on “Billie Eilish”

ABC/Randy Holmes

Armani White‘s breakout hit “Billie Eilish” has taken on a life of its own, but it would have never existed without the song it samples: N.O.R.E‘s 2002 track “Nothin.'” Among the many fans of the record is N.O.R.E. himself, which Armani believes is the ultimate stamp of approval.

He told ABC Audio, “N.O.R.E.’s like a cool uncle, man. Like, he just, N.O.R.E., like, it’s really cool when your idols kind of embrace you like and N.O.R.E., like, that song was just something I grew up on, so, like, for him to be really into the song, not just like, ‘Oh, you used my song,’ like for him to really be like, ‘I love this!’… It’s one of the moments, like, you still got to pinch yourself and be like, ‘This is really happening.'” (ABC AUDIO 1-ON-1)

Aside from the compliments, N.O.R.E. supported Armani’s hit during the BET Hip Hop Awards in October. He joined the Philly rapper onstage to perform a mashup of “Billie Eilish” and “Nothin.'”

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