Anthony Anderson To Pay Ex Wife $20K A Month

Anthony Anderson to Pay Ex-Wife At Least $20k/Month in Spousal Support According to their divorce judgment, Anthony Anderson will pay $20,000 monthly to his ex-wife, Alvina Stewart. He might pay more based on his career. Per TMZ, Anthony will pay $20k initially, with potential increases if his annual earnings exceed $2 million; in that case, he’ll pay 20 percent more of his income. Docs say Anthony keeps their property in Encino, CA, and a 2004 Land Rover. She gets the 2022 Mazda and their place in Houston. They have a cemetery plot at Inglewood Park Cemetery that they’ll sell and split the proceeds.  Docs say Alvina has a registered Glock-19 in her name, but it’s with Anthony. He must return it to law enforcement in 30 days. What did you get in your divorce? What did you not get that you thought you should have?