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Angela Simmons shares what to expect from ‘Just Angela’ season 2: “This is the next layer”

Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Angela Simmons is back front and center for season two of Just Angela, which premieres tonight on AspireTV. As the name insinuates, it’s all about the multi-talented television personality but this season will peel back another layer.

“I felt like in season one I really didn’t get to do everything,” Simmons, 34, tells ABC Audio of why she returned for another season. “I mean you never will right? ‘Cause I feel like as a person there’s so many layers and so this is the next layer of what I have going on.”

“I feel like I’m forever growing so this is that next season of that,” she adds. 

Part of that “next season” includes a move down to the bustling southern city of Atlanta, a move Simmons says she made for her five-year-old son Sutton

“My son’s father’s side of the family is here and so him being close to them is important to me [and] more space for him to run around,” she shares. “I’m a mother, obviously, before anything and so I want to make sure that he’s growing developmentally and having everything that he needs in order to grow.”

In addition to her duties on Just Angela and as a mother, Simmons also films for two other shows — Growing Up Hip Hop and Social Society – and is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and more. So, how does she juggle it all?

“I don’t know, I just make time,” she says. “Since I was younger I just always learned the balance of play hard work hard and really instead of work hard its work smart. These are things to me that are easy to do because I’m already doing it… I can fit it in between my regular life because it’s already a part of me.”

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