Anesthetist Arrested After Allegedly Raping A Woman While She Was Undergoing A C-Section

A medical professional is behind bars after his co-workers secretly filmed him violating a pregnant woman. Brazilian authorities arrested Giovanni Quintella Bezerra on July 10 for the alleged rape of a sedated woman undergoing a cesarean section (c-section). Now, police say the anesthetist might’ve assaulted five more women. Giovanni allegedly attacked two out of five the same day as the victim in the video, according to The Daily Mail.

The Hospital da Mulher staff began to question the behavior of the anesthetist during the last month. Per reports, they felt concerned about the amount of sedative he was administering to patients. Add that to the reported fact that Giovanni completed his medical training two months ago. In addition, reports say the anesthetist’s work sometimes prevented women from holding their babies after birth due to consciousness issues.

Anesthetist Orally Rapes Pregnant Patient While She Gave Birth 

So, hospital staff members set up a hidden camera during Giovanni’s third cesarean-like procedure on Sunday. At that point, even his positioning near patients during surgeries had caused concern. What medical staff saw afterward was Giovanni sexually assaulting the mother by allegedly shoving his penis into her mouth. Meanwhile, other medical professionals performed their actual jobs on the other side of a surgical curtain. When a nurse tried to get close, he allegedly used intimidation tactics to keep her at bay.

The footage shows the anesthetist moving the woman’s head toward and away from his body. After 10 minutes, the video shows Giovanni cleaning the woman’s mouth with gauze. Nurses called the police after reviewing the video. During an interview, a nurse claimed Giovanni even looked aroused during the c-section.

While the filmed victim was under the influence of sedatives, she does recall the attack. However, she believed she was hallucinating, per DM. On the other hand, her husband did not learn about his wife’s assault until the arrest news broke on television. He was asked to leave the room during the procedure.

Police collected the used gauze, vials of sedative used, and Giovanni’s phone as evidence.

“He is resourceful, does not show much concern when committing the crime…there is an abuse of power,” federal police head Bárbara Lomba said, indicating Giovanni could be a serial attacker.

At Least Six Women Have Come Forward With Assault Accusations

As previously stated, police are investigating whether the woman in the video is one of three victims that day. During his second procedure, Giovanni reportedly blocked the view of the patient’s head from the neck up using his body. One of the victims said she hardly remembers the surgery but felt uneasy with the anesthetist.

“The only thing I remember from the surgery is his voice,” the victim said. “He kept talking softly in my ear, it bothered me. He asked if I was okay.”

Since the news broke, three additional women reported to the police station with assault accusations. Giovanni treated the women on different days, but it’s unclear how close to Sunday’s alleged three assaults the other attacks are.

Giovanni’s custody hearing took place on Tuesday. The judge didn’t hold back and ruled indefinite detention in solitary confinement. This ruling will remain in place until the end of the police investigation. Additionally, officials will review his custody every 90 days to see if police need more time. If convicted on rape charges, Giovanni faces between 8-15 years in prison.

The anesthetist is locked away inside Brazil’s “largest prison complex,” per The Daily Mail. Television cameras captured inmates booing and yelling in his direction as he entered the prison on Tuesday night.