Andrew Brown Jr.’s family says 20-second police bodycam video of his death doesn’t tell full story

Andrew Brown Jr.’s family has finally seen the police body cam video of his fatal shooting at the hands of deputies in North Carolina … and they’re outraged by what they describe as an “execution.”
Family members and their attorneys were enraged after the meeting with the Pasquotank County Sheriff and the County Attorney — not only because of the content of the video, but because they were only shown a “snippet” … 20 seconds of one deputy’s body cam.
The family had demanded to see all of the full, raw video available to the Sheriff’s Office, but instead, they saw the brief clip, which they say had blurred the faces of deputies.
Adding to their anger is the fact they were only shown a single deputy’s body cam. Their attorneys say the 20-second clip made it clear there were 7 to 8 other deputies on the scene … whose body cam’s presumably show more of the deadly incident.
Bakari Sellers, one of the family’s attorneys, says the County Attorney disrespected him and the family before the viewing by saying he “was not going to be f**king bullied.”

As brief as the video was … the Browns say it showed a lot. For instance, one family attorney says the clip begins with Andrew Brown sitting in his car in his driveway — blocked in by cops — with his hands on his steering wheel as several different deputies demand to see his hands.
The family says Andrew was getting shot at by multiple cops — and they couldn’t keep track of how many shots rang out. They say Andrew tried backing out of the driveway to escape the gunfire, but slammed into a tree. The Browns describe seeing Glocks and assault rifles on the scene … and even some evidence shots were fired before the video started. They say they weren’t shown anything that led up to the chaos.
The lawyers and the family are emphatic … they believe the County is trying to hide something, and that the officers involved need to be arrested immediately.Brown’s family retained several attorneys, including Sellers, Ben Crump and Harry Daniels. They’ve all been very vocal about demanding transparency … something they feel, more than ever, they’re not getting after viewing the brief clip.

Brown was gunned down last Wednesday when the sheriff’s office was executing a search warrant.
The mayor there, Bettie Parker, has declared a state of emergency ahead of expected unrest and demonstrations … which will presumably give them access to state and federal resources. Folks have already taken to the streets over the past several days.

No official word on when the video will be revealed to the public.

Story credit: TMZ