Mark McCrazy

American Airlines Flight Attendant goes off on rude passengers!

Flight Attendant Goes Off On Unruly Passengers In Viral Video An American Airlines flight attendant has gone viral after going OFF on a group of unruly passengers. It happened on a flight from L.A. to Charlotte, NC that had to be diverted due to bad weather.  After a couple of incidents – including one passenger calling a female attendant a ‘fat gorilla’, the 22-year-old crew member jumped on the intercom. He said flight attendants “get insulted and mistreated by passengers over things that we cannot control.” and that their behavior “has made this flight a living hell”. The FAA says incidents of bad behavior by passengers have surged in recent months.  Such cases can be punished with bans and fines of up to $35,000.  Have you been on a plane since the pandemic began?  Witness any bad behavior?