“Adopt-A-Family” Opens New “Housing Complex” For families Facing Homelessness!

After years of planning and building, a Lake Worth Beach non-profit organization is opening the door to more affordable housing.

Along North A Street in Lake Worth Beach, Suzanne Fries is getting a welcome tour to the neighborhood.

“The kids can walk straight from school,” Matt Constantine, CEO of Adopt-A-Family said.

On Wednesday, Fries and her two children will move into a two-bedroom townhome, fit perfectly for her family.

“My son has his own room, his own bed, his own closet, his own dresser— window view of the playground,” Fries said.

For this single-mom, it’s a first.

“I’ve moved four times in the last two years,” she said.

The COVID-19 pandemic made it worse.

“Within in two weeks, our whole life was completely different, no daycare, no job, no school,” she said.

That’s when a teacher at Highland Elementary connected them to Adopt-A-Family.

“My name was the first person on the list to sign us up for this,” Fries explained.

She and her children are one of 14 families who will no longer have to worry about a place to live.

“We’re standing in front of Julian Place,” Constantine explained.

Constantine is the CEO of Adopt-A-Family. In January, WPTV showed you their plans to bring more affordable housing to Lake Worth Beach.

Nearly a year later, the housing is done and the need is even greater.

“Does this issue become a homeless issue and less of a homeless prevention issue,” Constantine questioned. “And unfortunately in 2021 that’s something we could be facing.”

For now Constantine says 14 news homes and a community center feels like a win.

“We did it, we did it,” he said.

And a fresh start for Fries.

“Starting next Wednesday this will be my kitchen,” she explained. “Still getting used to the feeling.”