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About that Bentley Quavo bought Saweetie, was it repossessed nor not?

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About that Bentley Quavo bought Saweetie — Despite what the internet says, he didn’t have the Bentley he bought for his now ex-girlfriend repossessed. TMZ reports that sources directly connected to the Migos rapper shut the rumors down, claiming that it just isn’t true. 

Over the weekend, after the “Back to the Streets” artist confirmed her breakup and seemingly hinted at infidelity on his part, causing rumors to swirl about the status of the luxury vehicle, which Quavo gifted his ex shortly before Christmas.

According to speculation, the “Too Blessed” rapper sent a Repo man to Saweetie’s home in the early hours of the morning to get the car back. He supposedly leased the vehicle and never placed it in his ex’s name, so when they split it made it easy for him to work out something with the dealership to break the lease.

While it sounds reasonable, there is no proof that’s what happened. Nor is there video, photos, or anything else cementing the fact that there was a repossession attempt on the Bentley.

A rep from the news outlet has reached out to Saweetie’s team for comment but has not received a response.

By Danielle Long
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