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A$AP Ferg shares advice on how to “tap into your own chi”

Courtesy of Snapple

In the last decade, A$AP Ferg has transformed himself from a music artist to an all-around creative with endeavors in fashion and film. 

The “Value” rapper, who lives in an art-filled manor in New Jersey, says he often reminds himself to “uniquely [be] yourself.”

“I always tell myself that. I always got to remind myself, ‘You are not one of them,'” Ferg explains to ABC Audio. “We compare ourselves a lot during these times with Instagram and social media, [seeing] different people’s successes and stuff. But you don’t know what they did to get what they got. You don’t even know if that’s really there’s.”

The Harlem native accepts the fact that “everybody’s journey is different, so you got to stay in your own lane and work on you. And tap into your own chi, tap into your own nuance and highlight that.”

Ferg most recently tapped into his chi by partnering with Snapple drinks to narrate and executive produce A Snapple Corner Story, alongside his longtime video director Shomi Patwary. The documentary explains the cultural connection between communities and small corner stores and bodegas in New York City.

“Shout-out to Snapple. They’ve been amazing to work with,” Ferg says. “I’m looking forward to working with them for a long time. Hopefully, this is a lifelong partnership. It’s a brand that I can stand behind. I can’t wait for everybody to see this documentary.”

A Snapple Corner Story is available on YouTube and

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