A South Florida Museum Will Preserve “The Surfside Memorial Wall”!

Officials with a South Florida museum are collecting the photos, notes and other personal items that make up a memorial wall near the site of the deadly building collapse that killed 98 people.

A group from HistoryMiami Museum was working Monday near the Champlain Towers South site in Surfside. In the days following the June 24 collapse, friends and family members who lost loved ones began creating the memorial wall along a fence that surrounded tennis courts across the street from the collapsed building.

“The priority right now is preservation,” museum spokeswoman Michele Reese said in a statement. “So today we are cataloging all of the items, putting them in an archival bin, and taking them to our offsite storage facility for safekeeping.”

There were no immediate plans for an exhibit, but Reese said the museum would be happy to work with the city and county in the future. For now, with three months left in hurricane season, museum officials just want to protect the memorial wall, Reese said.

“This is an incredibly meaningful project for our team,” Reese said. “We want to make sure that the legacies are preserved.”

Surfside resident Drew Dellacioppa, who knew some of the victims, said he’s glad to see the wall preserved and hopes to see a plaque or some kind of memorial to acknowledge the lives lost.

“I think it would be good in a museum to get the pictures there,” Dellacioppa said. “Unfortunately, it’s a memory, a bad memory, but it’s something that’s the history of Miami and Miami Beach.”