A Local Woman Is Helping Those Who Are Trying To “Escape Afghanistan”!

A Florida woman with ties to Palm Beach County is doing her part to help those trying to escape Afghanistan.

Jordan Jones specializes in international human rights law. The FSU graduate was raised in Palm Beach County and Central Florida. She is currently volunteering with Minority Veterans of America, working directly with Afghan nationals on the ground in Kabul.

“It is very frustrating, but we can’t lose hope. We can’t stop fighting. These people are in grave danger and they need our help. We provide as much advice as we can. We direct most nationals to the documentation they need and we put them on certain lists so we can try to get them on a flight manifest. There is a lot of miscommunication going on so that’s where it feels the most helpless.”

Jordan also said following this week’s ISIS-K attack at the airport Afghans are even more terrified. Jordan added her biggest fear is that the United States will pull out of the country even sooner than the Aug. 31 deadline and thousands will get left behind.