Mike Burke

A Florida Single Mom Pleads to Gov DeSantis For DEO Benefits

Preparing to be EVICTED, Jennifer Stone only receives $148 per week in unemployment benefits and is begging for the extra $300 that could be provided by the Lost Wages Assistance grant. At $275 per weegk, Florida’s maximum unemployment benefit payments are some of the lowest in the country. But, not everyone even gets that. Stone only receives $148 per week.

First Coast News reports Stone is contemplating if each dollar will go to food, utilities, rent or her car, but $148 doesn’t cover it all.
“The food I get I make sure he eats before I do. I’ll eat leftovers, I’ll eat whatever he doesn’t want to eat,” she said.

Stone said if the governor doesn’t apply for LWA to get her that extra $300 per week, she’s going to lose everything.