A drug recall for a possible contamination that can cause ‘life threatening infections’

Camber Pharmaceuticals recalled one lot of a pneumonia medicine after finding it might be contaminated with the Bacillus cereus bacteria.

The risk statement in Camber’s recall notice, written March 13 and posted by the FDA Friday, says: “In the population most at risk, immunocompromised population, there is a reasonable probability that microbial contamination of Atovaquone Oral Suspension can result in disseminated, life threatening infections such as endocarditis and necrotizing soft tissue infections.

This covers Atovaquone Oral Suspension 750 mg/5 ml, lot No. E220182 with an expiration date of 12/2023. It went to retail and mail order pharmacies, wholesalers and distributors.

The label for recalled Atovaquone Oral Suspension
The label for recalled Atovaquone Oral Suspension

If you have this product, return it to the pharmacy for a refund and notify your medical professional. If you have questions about this recall, reach out to Inmar, which is handling the recall for Camber, by emailing or calling 877-597-0878, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern time.

If you’ve had any medical problems from this or any other drug, first see a medical professional. Then let the FDA know via its MedWatch Adverse Event page or by filling out a form you can get by calling 800-332-1088. Only then, do you let the manufacturer know.