A “Boca Raton” Neighborhood Showing Unity Through Rainbows!

Dina Ferlanti saved pictures of rainbows posted throughout her Boca Raton neighborhood when the COVID-19 pandemic began.

“I can’t believe it’s a year ago,” Ferlanti told WPTV. “So, it started because, originally, it was in Italy, and it was pretty bad there. And I saw the rainbows being posted and I thought it was a great idea. Also, to get the kids out and get all of the community together.”

Ferlanti’s husband, Anthony, said she was so excited about coloring rainbows that she wanted neighbors to do the same.

“She’s very creative and always comes up with creative ideas,” Anthony Ferlanti said.

Word spread quickly as neighbors looked for reasons to smile. More than 60 homeowners showed off their works of art.

“I saw children on bikes and roller skating and walking by,” Dina Ferlanti said. “It was a really great sense of community and, like I said, it gave us an activity, because people were certainly counting rainbows.”

She said it also helped neighbors get to know each other.

“Many positives did come out, as far as knowing our neighbors better, spending more time with our family and I now cook more, so the family’s excited about that as well,” Dina Ferlanti said.