Man caught on video during racist rant in New Jersey taken into police custody

According to, over one hundred people gathered outside the home of 45-year-old racist white man Edward Cagney Mathews to celebrate the boys in blue taking him down to the local jail and telling him to stand on the red line for a mugshot. If that’s what the colors of the American flag stood for then we might get into this patriotism thing.

On Friday, Mathews went viral after he was recorded going on a racist rant toward his Black neighbor calling him all types of n-words and monkies. Peep the video.

In response to the video, police charged Mathews with bias intimidation and harassment just before receiving a call from another woman who also accused him of harassment.

As you saw, Mathews isn’t exactly the pointiest hood in the Klan. He gave out his address and dared protesters to pull up and they happily accepted his challenge.

The prosecutor’s office says they will be adding another charge because, upon further review of the footage, Mathews also spit on the man. According to the report, police will also be searching for those who smashed the windows to Mathews’ condo after he was hauled off to the who scow. He deserves it though. Bet there will be moving trucks outside that place before close-of-business on Friday.