60-Year-Old Man Received 90 COVID-19 Vaccines


A 60-year-old German man constructed a plan to resell vaccination cards by allegedly receiving 90 shots of the COVID-19 vaccine, but he’s been caught and charged with forgery.

A NHS vaccinator draws the Pfizer COVID-19 second booster...

We’ve seen a lot of wild things when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines over the course of the pandemic. We’ve seen people on the brink of retirement quit and refuse to get vaccinated, we’ve even seen hospital workers fired and arrested for selling vaccination cards, but Germany might have the wildest case yet.

According to CBS News, a 60-year-old German man is now under investigation for allegedly taking 90 COVID-19 vaccine doses just to sell the vaccination cards to others. When it comes to hustling, there are smart hustles and dumb ones, and this might be one the all-time dumbest list.

Authorities in the Eastern German city of Magdeburg say the man’s plan lasted over four months before they caught onto his finesse. Facing charges of document forgery and unauthorized issuance of proof of vaccination are serious charges, but the real concern is the impact 90 shots will physically have on him. Authorities revealed the man had numerous different brands injected and how his body will react has yet to be seen.

In the end, the risks, both legally and health-wise, make this one of the worst decisions of all time.