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50 Cent explains why he considered redoing 'Power's theme song with Mary J Blige and Method Man

D’Andre Michael; Daniel Prakopcyk

“They say this a big rich town” croons R&B singer Joe on the theme song to the Power series and its new spinoff, Powerbook II: Ghost

50 Cent, the show’s executive producer, contemplated redoing the theme song with cast members Mary J. Blige and Method Man, but Mary said, “‘Why are we changing this?'”

He tells ABC Audio, “Me and Mary talked about playing with it or doing something different and she was like, ‘I think that should stay the way it is because of the brand Power and the energy around it.’ She was saying, ‘This is my favorite part. Why are we changing this?'”

50 previously faced a lot of criticism on social media for replacing Joe’s vocals last year with those of Trey Songz. Fans weren’t feeling it, which means the theme song won’t be changing anytime soon.

He also admitted that both Mary and Method Man will “have new material come out” “at some point” during the season. “They haven’t lost their passion for music because you see them working and doing different things,” 50 continued. 

Mary and Method Man were at the peak of their careers after winning a Grammy for their 1995 collaboration, “You’re All I Need.” Both artists went onto drop a number of solo albums, earn awards and appear in various shows and films. 

50 mentioned how their lives and music careers have transformed over the years considering “responsibilities, kids, [and] different things that came into their lives.” He adds, though, that the “core is still there to turn on the television and enjoy” Mary J. Blige and Method Man on TV screens 25 years later.

Tune into Power Book II: Ghost, which airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Starz.

By Rachel George
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