50-60 dogs test positive for canine influenza at Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Four adoption buildings at the Big Dog Ranch have been on lockdown since the beginning of June. Kennel care givers are the only people who are allowed in and out.

President Laurie Simmons said that in the past few weeks more than 50 dogs have contracted the canine influenza upper respiratory virus known as the dog flu.

Cynda Crawford, a University of Florida Veterinarian Doctor, has studied the canine influenza since 2004. She said that no cases had been reported over the past several months due to COVID-19. She could not disclose the exact number of cases in Palm Beach County but said to be careful of social outings like playdates.

Simmons urged owners to get their canine updated on their influenza vaccines. She is following her own advice starting with vaccinating all her puppies.