“$24 billion” At Stake With “Palm Beach County” Census Survey!


Billions of dollars are at stake is Palm Beach County residents don’t step up and complete the 2020 Census.

According to Commissioner Mack Bernard, less than 61.1 percent of the county has complete the census, which is well below the national compliance rate of 63.3 percent.

Statewide only 60.4 percent of Floridians have completed the 2020 Census.

Palm Beach County could receive up to $2.4 billion per year, or $24 billion over 10 years, for the nearly 1.5 million people that live in the area, which is why an accurate count is important.

Census data helps leaders with planning for new roadways, building hospitals and schools.

It also affects representation in congress, by determining how many seats each state will have in the US House of Representatives.

You can complete the Census by phone, mail, in-person with a census enumerator or online by Sept. 30.