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2 Brothers Raise $5,000 To Provide Meals To “Wellington Regional Medical Center Staff”!

Two brothers with big hearts are giving back to hospital workers at Wellington Regional Medical Center.

The boys, Arthur and Jasper Hu-Manning, raised money through donations for their bar mitzvah to provide lunch and dinner to the entire hospital staff of up to 600 people.

The total money raised by their campaign was about $5,000, including about $3,500 through the GoFundMe page.

“We want to help the entire hospital, not just this group of people that work during this set time, and we hope to continue volunteering in the future and helping the community,” Jasper Hu-Manning said.

The brothers, who attend Wellington Landings Middle School, handed out food to the grateful staff Friday morning.

Their bar mitzvah service was held virtually last November, although their family hopes to hold a celebration for them in the future.

“It made me happy that I was able to do something for them in return for them helping,” Arthur Hu-Manning said.

The twins plan to return to Wellington Regional Medical Center next week to serve dinner to the staff who work the night shift.

“It makes me feel like I can keep going because I know that I have the support and that we have this wonderful community around us that is here for us,” said a nurse at the hospital.