“1,000 Florida Voters” Registered To Vote In 2 Different States!

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US Elections Concept – United States Flag and Vote Badges 3D Illustration

Andrew Ladanowski said it took him just half-a-day to find more than 800 people who registered to vote in Florida and Ohio and more than a thousand in Florida and North Carolina.

Those same people, the campaign data guru said, also requested a Florida vote-by-mail ballot to their out-of-state address for the November election.

“These individuals have nothing that will prevent them from voting in two states,” Ladanowski said. “It is frightening.”

Contact 5 recently discovered Florida won’t use ERIC, or the Electronic Registration Information Center, for the November election, even though Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke about joining it in August 2019.

The nonprofit information center allows member states to crosscheck voter registration data with 30 other states.

“Right now, people who live in Florida and in another state have nothing that’s preventing them from voting in both of those states,” Ladanowski said.

Ladanowski said in 2016, he turned over documents to the supervisor of elections that showed dozens of Palm Beach County voters who voted twice in multiple states.

Now, he said, his latest data crunch of voters registered in two states who requested a Florida vote-by-mail ballot turned up more than 200 people from Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast.

Contact 5 shared Ladanowski’s findings with the supervisor of elections in Martin County. Vicki Davis told Contact 5 her office has checked up on out-of-state voters in the past.

“It’s not illegal to be registered in two places, but it is illegal to vote more than one time in an election,” she said. “I am not concerned about the integrity of the election from my perspective here in Martin County. We have a good database in place.”

Several requests for comment from the governor’s office were unsuccessful.