Stacey Dash tried to go at Oprah ! Bad idea

Stacey Dash tried to go at Oprah. Bad idea Stacey Dash thought it would be the right time to throw some dirt at Oprah Winfrey.  With Winfrey’s political future being a topic of conversation this week, Dash decided to tweet an article titled “Oprah Under the Microscope: 12 Skeletons She Can No Longer Hide In Her Closet.” Dash captioned the tweet saying, “This cannot be dismissed. Oprah must be forced to answer to these if she’s going to ask for our vote.” Well, Twitter came for Dash in a big way. One user said, “You’re always pointing out people‘s faults or negative things about people. Why don’t you ever do this about @realDonaldTrump or things he’s done/does or says wrong.” Others said Dash wished she was as popular and rich as Winfrey. What do you think of Dash’s latest failed attempt at shade?



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