Rick Ross’ home a scary place to go?

  • We are finding out that before Rick Ross had his life-threatening episode at his home last week, his manager, Black Bo, died at Ross’ home two months earlier.
  • According to a report, police were called to Ross’ Miami home in December because Bo had stopped breathing. He was on the bathroom floor when authorities arrived. He was pronounced dead shortly after.
  • Ross, Bo and others were out partying the night before and didn’t get back to the house until 5 am. Ross told authorities that Bo wasn’t himself when they were out. The medical examiner said the cause of death was clogged arteries.
  • Ross’ scare last week dealt with him coughing up blood and going in and out of consciousness. He’s back home resting and recovering.
  • Scary. Would that make you want to find another place to live? Sounds like some bad mojo around the house.


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