Happy Monday Co-Workers! The Midday Breakroom Doors Are Now Open! Check Out My Action Packed Weekend. Plus, A Few More Seats Left On The Party Bus to Universoul Circus

Happy Monday co-workers!

Pray you had a great weekend! I most definitely did. Action packed!

Kicked it off with Box Fit Class Saturday morning at Camp Cunningham.

Spent quality time with hubs in Miami…walking along the beach talking, reflecting and being grateful for the life we get to live together.

Hung out with the my girls on Friday and Sunday. Friday was interesting, unbeknownst Spring Breakers had taken over Las Olas! While we were waaay over dressed we were good sports about it and decided spectate and reminisce about our Spring Break days. The weekend concluded with a mini-barbeque, thanks to the hubs, before heading out to see “A Wrinkle In Time”.

My days are jammed packed attending to self-care, radio, real estate and family. I often get accused of “doing too much”. What does that mean exactly? My days are extremely productive doing what I love and am purposed to do. It means I live the width of my life not just the length.

Anyways, welcome to the Midday Breakroom where you get great music, a little gossip, and a break from the monotony of work.

Hang out with me until 3pm and win your seat on my party bus to Universoul Circus in Miramar, FL on March 17th. When you hear the ring masters voice, be the 10th caller and your seat is confirmed! It’s very easy…

Thought of The Day: 

Don’t just live the length of your life 

Live the width of your life 



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